Condensation On Windows

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air meets surfaces that are cooler than its dew point. The problem with heating some rooms and not others is that the warm air in the heated room will absorb water vapour, and then migrate throughout the house. When it meets the cold glass of your bedroom windows, the air becomes unable to hold so much moisture, which condenses.

Ventilation Solutions

At Longuard Damp Proofing we are passionate about providing good indoor air to everyone.
We offer a wide range of energy efficient and innovative ventilation systems, designed to deliver fresh, filtered air providing a permanent solution to unnecessary condensation and mould problems.

Condensation Control

Longuard Damp Proofing are specialist in all types of damp problems including condensation control. We are professional damp experts and can advise you on how to control condensation and improve the airflow in your home.